O-Shot® for Stress Incontinence and Female Orgasm

O-Shot® for Stress Incontinence and Female Orgasm
Stress incontinence is basically involuntary leakage of urine. That is the leakage that happens when you play, cough, sneeze or laugh.
Your doctor might have asked you to make lifestyle changes, use medical devices, or opt for surgical procedures.
Urinary incontinence treatment however depends on the kind of incontinence, its severity, cause and duration.
This is an effective treatment for urinary / stress incontinence in women. It is an all natural, non-surgical and painless procedure.
It helps to rejuvenate as well as revitalise the clitoral and vaginal function, giving you improved sensitivity. This enhances your sex drive.
The treatment process involves two little injections in the female anatomy.
A lot of women do experience improvement immediately. However, improvement in sensation generally takes up to 3 weeks to 6 months. 
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